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Quiver v. to tremble slightly often because of emotions; shiver
Walloping adj. huge; enormous; very large; bulky; gigantic; mammoth; colossal; whopping
Ephemeral adj. Transitory; lasting only for a short time; short-lived; temporary
Litter n. rubbish; trash; junk; garbage
Smug adj. self-satisfied; complacent;
Garrulous adj. Talkative; chatty
Coxcomb n. the one who is too proud of his appearance; a foppish man
Irk adj. to vex; to irritate; to annoy; bother;
Frisk v. to use your hands to search one´s body;
Irresolute adj. hesitant; indecisive
Loquacious adj. talkative; chatty; garrulous
Candour adj. the quality of being truthful and honest; fairness; impartiality
Cliff-hanger n. a situation which is full of suspense
Palliate v. extenuate; mitigate; alleviate
Crumb n. a very small piece of bread or biscuit; a small portion of something;
Cringe v. suddenly move away because you are frightened; to feel embarrassed
Sordid adj. foul; filthy; dirty; morally degraded; vile; base; seedy
Stoical adj. impassive; phlegmatic; unaffected by pleasure or pain
Grovel v. to show too much respect that you are eager to please them; to behave in a servile way
Gall n. bitterness of feeling; exasperation; v. to make someone feel annoying

Nitwit n. a silly or stupid person; ninny; dimwit; dork
Sagacious adj. having or showing sound judgment; perceptive, wise
Pell-mell adv. chaotic; disorganised
Sycophantic adj. praising people who are in authority in order to get some advantage from them; try to win favour by flattering people
Squalid adj. morally repulsive; sordid; dirty; unpleasant
Lecherous adj. wanton; showing strong sensual interest in someone
Gluttonous adj. eating or drinking more than you need (n. gluttony)
Voracious adj. having a great appetite for something; excessively greedy
Perfidious adj. treacherous, dishonest; violating good faith, disloyal
Sloth n. laziness; inertia;
Saturnine adj. gloomy, dark, or sullen
Demure adj. quiet, shy and well-behaved
Ambivalent adj. uncertain
Surly adj. bad-tempered; gruff; bad mood; unfriendly or not polite
Covetous adj. extreme desire to possess; avaricious
Petulant adj. peevish; unreasonably or easily irritated or annoyed
Rapacious adj. plundering; taking by force; greedy or grasping
Fickle adj. capricious; volatile; whimsical; mercurial
Gregarious adj. affable ; sociable
Transient adj. temporary; lasting only for a short time

Mitigate v. make less or severe; diminish; alleviate
Indictment n. a reason for giving blame: a formal statement of accusing someone:
Lousy adj. inferior or worthless; unpleasant; horrible; awful; miserable
Gaudy adj. garish; too bright in a way that lacks taste
Callous adj. unsympathetic; unkind; hard-hearted; apathetic
Entomology n. science of insects
Debacle n. complete failure; downfall; catastrophe; collapse
Scrupulous adj. extremely careful; having doubts
Turmoil n. a state of extreme agitation or commotion; tumult
Xenophobia n. extreme fear or dislike of foreigners , their customs or culture
Nefarious adj. (activity) immoral; evil; wicked; sinful; abominable; vicious; odious
Juxtapose v. to put (the things which are not similar) next to each other
Giggle v. to laugh slightly in a silly way: to laugh repeatedly in an uncontrolled or childish way
Propitious adj. showing signs of success; auspicious; gracious
Presage n. an omen; a presentiment; an indication of future occurrence (unpleasant)
Apparel n. dress; attire; garb
Shoddy adj. using a low and poor quality materials; dishonest or reprehensible;
Scoff v. to mock; to express scorn; to eat greedily;
Frolicsome adj. merrily playful; enthusiastic and liking to play and fun
Hutch n. box like pen for rabbits; a chest or bin for storage.