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Get away with — manage to do something bad without being punished; to escape from someone who is chasing you; to have a holiday
Get up to sth — to do something often that some people would disapprove of
Get on — enter a bus, train, plane etc; make progress; become old , age; wear , fit; leave; have good relationship
Get over --- to recover from something or return to your usual state of health or happiness; to overcome or deal with or gain control of something.
Get down to---- to reach the point of dealing with something; to begin to work on something seriously. To give serious attention to something; to finally start doing something, after you have been avoiding it or after something has prevented you from doing it.
Get through— deal with a difficult situation until it´s over; arrive; succeed in an exam or test; finish; contact; successfully explain something
Get by — have just enough money to live on; survive;
Get on with someone — have a good relationship
Get at — to reach; to access something; to imply; criticise someone repeatedly
Get across — to communicate; to make someone understand something
Get into — criticise; begin to enjoy; be accepted or admitted;
Get on to (get onto) — find out
Get on for — be near at time;
Get out of — leave a car or van; get benefit or pleasure from something;
Get back to — reply; answer back
Get around to (get round to) — 
Get after — chase; to urge; to scold; to admonish
Get back — to return to a person , place or a condition;
Get behind — linger behind; fail to do as much work or pay as much money as your should by a particular time
Get in — to enter ; to arrive;
Get off — leave; escape; to feel great pleasure or gratification
Get a fix — to understand something
Get a grip — to understand how to deal with a difficult thing; to control your emotions;
Get about — move around; walk; travel frequently
Get a rid of something — to remove; to abolish something; throw away something
Get wind of — to learn of

to blow over — to pass by; to be forgotten
to come off — to succeed; to reach a satisfactory end
to tell a person off (to give a person a good telling off) — to rebuke, scold or reprimand him
to take someone in — to deceive him; to cheat
(to be) on the go — (to be) at work or doing something active
Put off — postpone
Take off — to remove something , especially clothes ; to spend time away from your work
Turn up — to arrive somewhere unexpectedly or without any plan
Come along — arrive at a place
Come apart — separate into pieces
Come around ( come round) — become conscious again
Come out — disappear or become less strong ; become public knowledge after it has been kept secrets ; be given to people ( of result or information) ; leave after a period in a place

Go along with — support an idea, or agree with someone´s opinion
Go about ( go around) — to continue to do something; to keep busy with something
Go by — (time) to pass. Things will get easier as time goes by.
Go out — to leave your house or building in order to go to attend a social event. She goes out a lot.
Go off — to leave a place ; to be fire , to explode; stops working ; to fall asleep ( Hasn´t the baby gone off yet? ; if food or drink goes off it is not fit to eat or drink; to get worse in quality. His books have gone off in recent years.
Go off with somebody— to split up your relationship with your husband, wife or partner in order to have relation with someone else
Go on — continue to exist or happen; happen
Go through with — go through with
Go together — to look good together
Go under — to sink below the surface ; to fail ; to lose consciousness; to become bankrupt
Go over — quickly examine something

Look up to (sb) — respect and admire them
Look down on (sb/sth) —
Look into sth — to examine something
Look out — to warn somebody to be careful (watch out)
Look after — take care of someone
Look ahead — To think about what is going to happen in the future
Look for something — to expect something; to hope for something. I am looking for an improvement in your work.
Look around/round — to visit to place or building, walking around to to see where it is.
Look at sth — to examine something closely; to think about, consider or study something; to view or consider something in a particular way.
Look forward to — 
Look through somebody — to ignore somebody by pretending not to seen them.
Look up — (of business or situation) to become better; improve . At last , things are beginning to look up.

Sink in — start to believe
Take sth in( Take in sth) — Make a piece of cloth narrower
Call in — Visit a place or person for a short time.
Loaded down — carry too many heavy things
Hand over — give something to someone else
Laze about/around — to relax and do something a little. He spent the afternoon just the lazing around.
Lay off — stop employment
Take off --- start to fly
Brush off — use a brush or hand to remove something
Brush up (on) something - to improve your knowledge of something that already learned but partly forgotten
Run over — hit somebody or something with a moving vehicle and injure or to kill them; go on after expected time
Take after – resemble a family member

Give somebody away — (in a marriage ceremony) to lead the bride to the bridegroom and follow her to marry him; to present something; to carelessly allow somebody to have an advantage; betray
Give in — to admit that you have been defeated
Give out— to come to an end; to stop working out( Her legs gave out and she collapsed)
Give over — used to tell somebody to stop doing something (Give over complaining)
Give up— to surrender ; to stop ; to relinquish or resign from Back somebody up to support somebody
Blow something up – to fill something with air; to destroy something or someone with a bomb etc..
Break down --- if machine or vehicle breaks down , it stops working
Break in – to enter in a building illegally in order to steal something
Break somebody in --- to train somebody
Check in --- arrive and register in a hotel or an airport
Check out --- leave a hotel
Chip (sth) in --- to help by contributing money ; to interrupt with comments , interject
Count on – rely on ; depend on someone
Drop by/in --- to Visit someone ; come without an appointment
Hang up – to end a phone conversation
Pass away – to die
Sort something out --- organise ; resolve a problem